Speaking engagements

Whether keynote, general session, or any type of workshop, your audience will hear insights and philosophies that are unique in the world market and the 'next generation' of business thinking.

Melanson Consulting services help any size organization create a brand and strategic foundation for differentiated positioning and business simplicity.


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Coaching and custom work

If you need  one-on-one coaching for select individuals or a custom program, we can provide it. Let us know what your goals are and we'll design just the right solution for your short or long-term needs.

Project work

Developing marketplace positioning and the accompanying 'conversational applications'. The platform is meant to 1. not just differentiate your firm but to literally marginalize the competition and 2. in the simplest possible way, unify everyone in your organization. Using conversational simplicity and logic, we will educate all appropriate Sr. managers and employees on how to understand, apply, and collaborate internally based on a new Verbal and Simplicity platform.  

Verbal Branding™, Differentiation &

Game-changing Simplicity


Full and half day workshops

Meant as a mini-project offering, full and half-day working sessions will move you significantly ahead in your effort to position in your market, use Verbal Branding as a vastly superior way to sell, and create a plan to unify all your employees, regardless of your firm size. (Typically for Sr. managers - does not replace a full project.)

Sales intensive workshops

Everyone needs to sell more. Verbal Branding represents a vastly superior way to sell and gain market share. And as always, it's simpler and provides managers with an easy way to get everyone on the same page.

Management consulting

Sr. managers own both a firm's brand and the strategic performance. These sessions are used to create decision-making criteria, a plan to develop internal culture and accountability, and an overall road map to define and execute the path to faster growth and more efficient operations.